What is a CSA?

CSA stands for “Community Supported Agriculture,” which has become a popular way for people to buy local and fresh food directly from the farmers who produce it.

A CSA member typically buys a share in the CSA, sharing the gains and risks of the farmer, thus truly supporting local agriculture.

Traditionally, most CSAs grew produce – fresh fruits and vegetables – which were then sold and delivered fresh to local customers who enjoy them. Today, you’ll find CSAs of all types. There are meat CSAs, chocolate CSAs, so why not a Honey CSA?

Tal’s Honey CSA is based out of the Boston area. I’m Tal and I have honeybees – hence the name – but I don’t just do honey. There’s also honeycomb, I’m experimenting with bee pollen; if you’re interested in any bee product I don’t offer yet, you absolutely should contact me.

A great site to look for local CSAs is Local Harvest.