Purchase honey and bee products

Thank you for your interest in purchasing honey and other bee products!

Generally speaking, bees produce honey during the spring (May-June) and late-summer (August). As a result, spring honey becomes available in early July, summer honey becomes available in early September.

After I put aside honey and honeycomb promised to my CSA members, the rest is available to anyone who wishes to purchase it, until I’m out for the season, which typically happens around November/December. It’s always worth asking. As of August 2017, I do have ample honey available.

Honey is available for local pick-up (Medford), at least so far I have not shipped honey. Payment forms accepted are cash, check, PayPal or Venmo. I can also swipe credit card in-person.


Honey: $8 for an 8oz jar, $12 for a 12oz jar, $15 for a 16oz jar.

Honeycomb: $2 per ounce, I typically have a few different sizes so please inquire.

Bee pollen: My plan is to start collecting bee pollen this year. I have not decided on a price structure yet, please contact me if you’re interested.

Beeswax: I’m currently not collecting or purifying the beeswax. Contact me if you want some of my left-overs.