Special CSA sign-up for JKA Boston

If you would like to join Tal’s Honey CSA, use the form below to do so. Here are answers to some commonly asked questions.

How does the CSA work?

The CSA is essentially used for honey pre-ordering. I get a guaranteed customer, I know whether to make honey or honeycomb, which size jars to purchase and bottle, and you get raw, high-quality local honey for a discounted price, plus you support a local beekeeper and the bee population.

How much honey can I order?

The minimal amount for a CSA share is normally, but I waived that for JKA Boston customers, so there’s no minimum or maximum.

What happens after I sign up?

After you signed up, you’re a member. Honey is distributed in two installments (as honey is typically harvested twice during the season), when your honey is ready you’ll hear from me. At that point you’ll pay for your honey and pick it up. Come pick-up time, I’ll leave you the honey at the dojo.

When do I pay?

You pay before or at pickup. I accept cash, check or Venmo.

Can I pay for my honey now?

I used to provide this option in past years, where I had a prepaid CSA and a cash-on-delivery CSA. The two options were confusing, so I ended up merging them to into one. You indicate your order below, you only pay when you get your honey. No need to pay anything right now.

What happens if there’s not enough honey for everyone?

I don’t get any guarantees from the bees, so unfortunately I cannot provide you any either. I only sell honey from my own bees, so if there is not enough honey, I will fulfill CSA pre-orders by the order in which they were made.

What does a share include?

You build your own share based on your preferences.

Many people order two honey jars (so they get one jar of spring honey and one jar of summer honey). Others like honeycomb – it’s all up to you.

Which flowers is the honey from?

Honestly, I’m not certain. Bees typically fly within about 1.5 miles around the hive, which is roughly 7,500 acres, so essentially any flowers within that area. The hives are located in Somerville, Stoneham and Concord.

Time to sign up!