CSA Cash-on-Delivery

In the past, Tal’s Honey CSA only offered a prepaid option, meaning customers signed up for the CSA and paid for their shares prior to honey season. In order to minimize the chances for a situation in which people paid for their share but have not received it, I limited the number of available shares (indeed, since I started the CSA in 2013, every single person received their full share, and sometimes more).

The downside of this approach is that I have to turn too many people away, which I don’t like doing, especially when I see how passionate people are about supporting the bees and me. To resolve this issue, I decided to offer a new option – CSA “Cash on Delivery,” or CSA COD. If you’re already signed up for the “normal” CSA, you don’t need to do anything (unless you would like to secure additional honey via the CSA COD).

How does CSA COD works?

  1. Prior to May 31, contact me and inform me how much honey you would like (over email or using the form below). Minimum is two pounds/32 Oz (combined between all types of jars/honeycomb).
  2. Once honey is available, first harvest goes to the prepaid CSA shares. Once I have enough honey for the CSA COD, I will contact you to coordinate payment and pickup.
  3. After you heard from me, please let me know when you’d like to pick up your honey. Please get back to me within one week to coordinate payment honey pickup.
  4. You pay for your honey and pick it up.
  5. Come June 1, the registration for the CSA COD closes and regular season prices apply.


What if there is not enough honey for all CSA COD members?
Honey is allocated to CSA COD shares by the date in which you placed your CSA COD reservation. If I don’t have enough honey, unfortunately I will not be able to fulfill some of those reservations, which is why I won’t take payments until I have the honey ready.
Last season, all CSA COD orders were filled in July.

When will be the honey ready?
Typically, first honey harvest is ready around early-to-mid July. Last harvest is end-of-August to early-September. Honeycomb varies between those dates.

How much does the honey cost and what are my options?
You can order any combination as long as it’s at least two pounds (combined weight). Pricing is as follows:
16 Oz jar: $13 (normally: $15)
12 Oz jar: $10 (normally: $12)
8 Oz jar: $7 (normally: $8)
Honeycomb: 10% discount from the normal price (which is $2/Oz)

Can I order via the CSA COD if I already purchased a Prepaid CSA share?
If you purchased a Prepaid CSA share, and you want more honey in addition to your share, you absolutely should order it via CSA COD. The prepaid honey you already paid for is yours, no need to re-order it via the CSA COD. The two-pound/32 ounce minimum does not apply to Prepaid CSA members.